Rerouting the Exodus?

Exodus - Duane GarrettDuane A. Garrett, A Commentary on Exodus, Kregel Exegetical Library. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2013. 816pp. $39.99. (Forthcoming)

There are already a number of good commentaries on Exodus, a handful of which I own. However, I am eager to add Garrett’s (forthcoming) Exodus commentary to that stack. Garrett has already written several good commentaries. In the NAC series he has Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs (B&H, 1993) and Hosea, Joel (B&H, 1997). He wrote the Song of Songs portion of Song of Songs/Lamentations (Thomas Nelson, 2004) in the WBC series, and Amos: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text (Baylor University, 2008) in the Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible series. Still to come is his commentary on Genesis in the Kregel Exegetical Library series. A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (B&H Academic, 2009) also happens to be the grammar from which I finally learned Hebrew, though one could argue I was more devoted to the task at that point.

There is much I hope for from this commentary. Garrett has a unique Exodus route that I hope makes a strong appearance. I personally have found his arguments about this convincing and more satisfying that many of the other routes I have come across, and this is probably the main feature I would like to have in print. I do hope it is here. Additionally, with 800+ pages, I am sure there is plenty of exegetical content to dig through and enjoy. And while I do not buy commentaries for homiletical suggestions, I have often found his suggestions in class to be clear and frequently more helpful than those typically encountered in application-oriented commentaries. I would not be surprised to find that true here as well.

I believe this will be coming out in the next couple of weeks(?). A final bonus is that Amazon currently has it priced at 70% off!

UPDATE 5/15/13 – Kregel now has the publication date listed as November 1, 2013. (Thankfully Amazon has kept my purchase at the discounted price, though they are no longer allowing purchases.)



  1. It is good, Ryan. I’ve had the pre-pub version for a while now and have used it in my diss research. And having read nearly every commentary on Exodus, I would rank Garrett’s in the top 5. Glad you’re getting it.

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