Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, 2nd ed. — Review

Green, Joel B. Jeannine K. Brown, and Nicholas Perrin, eds. Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels. Second Edition. Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2013. 1088pp + xxxi.

Edited by Joel Green, a New Testament professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and well published author, this second edition of the dictionary is a welcome addition to the IVP Dictionary Series. Written primarily for students—undergraduates and graduates—and pastors, this dictionary addresses a broad range of subjects related to Jesus and Gospel studies from an evangelical perspective. Entries vary from a partial page to several pages in length based upon the breadth of information included in the subject term and follow an alphabetical arrangement. One may find the entry author’s name listed with each entry as well as in a list at the beginning of the dictionary. In general, entries are clear and concise summaries of each subject, and cross references to other entries follow each piece of prose—easily identifiable in all caps. Perhaps most helpful, each entry includes a substantial bibliography for additional reading.

While Green served as one of the editors for the first edition (1992), the second edition is not simply a revision of the earlier work. “Over ninety percent of the articles have been completely rewritten, and the rest thoroughly revised and updated” (from inside the jacket cover). The first edition still deserves a place on the shelf as a different work on the same subjects, but the second edition brings subject bibliographies and issues into the current time. This edition retains its accessibility, staying within the reach of most students, pastors, and others broadly familiar with this field. As such, this book will serve as an important addition to college and university libraries both with and without an emphasis in biblical studies.


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