What to Expect from This Site

Serving as a librarian has brought many joys and responsibilities into my life. Years of schooling grew my desire for research and instruction. I have always enjoyed reading and being surrounded by books. Now my job revolves around some of these activities and they happily spill over into my time “off the clock.” But the job brings many responsibilities as well. Most of these responsibilities work themselves out at the library as I fulfill obligations listed in my job description. Beyond those, though, many librarians feel the responsibility of serving a community broader than their library—other librarians and information-seekers. This site allows me a more public outlet for providing a bit of that service. Specifically, this site allows me to grow as an information professional, to introduce resources and services to others, and to help others with similar interests or needs.

As an information professional, I need to push myself to continually evaluate resources and services. The field of library science and the role of librarians has been shifting—we are no longer simply collecting books and print resources. As libraries continue to evolve in the 21st century, librarians will answer more questions related to authoritative resources, online resources, managing information, and access in addition to the more traditional print responsibilities. This site serves as an additional source of accountability (in addition to my job) to continue that push as I write and post on these topics.

The pages and posts on this site introduce and provide feedback on several different resources and services. Information may come from any number of sources today. Websites, online databases (free or paid), ebooks, and the variety of print resources in libraries can be challenging to navigate. On this site, I’ve chosen to write about many of these resources. Already, I have written a handful of book reviews, compared a couple of databases, and provided an information portal for online resources for biblical studies. At the same time, library services also take many forms. As a librarian, I have the opportunity to write about and even create some of these services. Specifically, in this regard, I have worked to create a reference service plan that I have posted on this site. More of these plans will appear in the future. While providing each of these, I am able to provide my own feedback and opinions.

I hope these posts will benefit librarians and researchers with similar interests. Few people will have my exact tastes or preferences, but I believe many will hold interests that overlap with some of the topics covered on this site. Librarians may benefit from another book review before they purchase a title; researches may benefit from those as well. Those who visit this site for biblical studies interests will benefit from the web portal, but librarians may benefit there as well—directing patrons to that page.

In general, my goal is to provide an outlet for my own professional and personal interests while producing content that will benefit others. I have no intention of writing to please everyone, but I hope many find some portion of this site’s content interesting and helpful.

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